automation network experts

We improve the uptime and performance of production lines!

Our service offer to you:

on-site service for PROFINET and PROFIBUS


• quality check
• troubleshooting
• acceptance + report

long-term service for PROFINET and PROFIBUS


• maintenance contract
• remote maintenance contract

practical training on site


• PROFINET maintenance
• PROFIBUS maintenance
• PACTware in use
• PROFIBUS to PROFINET migration

Our consulting offer to you:

Shop floor connectivity and data integration


Safe and performant from OT to IT

Industry 4.0


Challenges from automation perspective

Nexeed Production Performance Manager


Cloud based predictive maintenance applications

Our data service to you:

Easy access


to your device description data such as GSD, GSDML, firmware, documentation

Secure and central administration


worldwide distribution on demand of this device data

Time Savings


during configuration and commissioning as well as later in operation and maintenance


Aunex Data Service supports systemintgrators in the field

With version 1.0 of the Aunex Data Service, all important data can be downloaded for all manufacturers across thousands of different devices.

PROFINET: Highest availability requires tailor-made validation

Aunex Network Support offers customized service for commissioning of automation networks based on Industrial Ethernet

Working smart with machine data

Aunex advises on machine interfacing with the Production Performance Manager of Bosch Software Innovations

Tips and tricks by the expert - Aunex YouTube channel launched

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Therefore we would like to give our prospective customers and project partners some quick wins on the Aunex YouTube channel. Have a look an find there helpful tips and tricks to cover your daily automation challenges.