Aunex supports MES restructuring


Leading, directing and controlling production processes in real time: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are an indispensable part of modern production. It is all the more important to ensure the availability of such systems.

In October 2017, several project partners realized the renewal of the existing MES in a company of the automotive supply industry. The challenge: All necessary work had to be completed within the shortest possible time between the end of the shift on Friday and the beginning of the shift on Monday. Beyond the MES, data collection from the controllers themselves and the IT infrastructure were also updated during this short maintenance slot.

Aunex was responsible for collecting the data from Siemens and Phoenix Contact controllers and handing them over to an MES database. The tool used was the dataFEED OPC Suite from Softing. Thanks to good preparation, Aunex was able to successfully and promptly secure the data provision with only a few changes and thus made a significant contribution to the overall success of the project.

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