Aunex supports Plant Asset Management tasks

For many companies, predictive maintenance has become an indispensable approach of avoiding plant downtimes and thus reducing costs. In this process, condition data from appliances and systems are combined and evaluated in a central system (Plant Asset Management, PAM). For recognizable malfunctions or upcoming maintenance requirements - the system provides an alarm. The required information is read out directly from the devices and transmitted via bus systems and gateways to the control level.
In practice, many different technologies and transmission media are used for this purpose, such as e.g. PROFIBUS, PROFINET or Industrial Ethernet (partly with copper cables or FO-based). If a disturbance occurs in the interaction of the predictive maintenance components, the user can often hardly judge whether it is a malfunction in the PAM system or a transmission problem.
Equipped with the necessary tools, Aunex's experienced experts can quickly and accurately identify the actual causes of failure. The most recent example: After a PAM software changeover, the PROFIBUS network was no longer reachable in an operation from the energy sector (oil & gas) for no apparent reason. On the customer side, a software configuration error was the possible cause. The specialists from Aunex, however, were able to quickly isolate the cause of the error with measurements in the PROFIBUS and Ethernet networks. A so far unnoticed hardware defect in connection with deficiencies in the bus communication could clearly be identified and eliminated as the cause of the system disturbances. The stability of the PAM system was restored.

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