Working smart with machine data

Aunex advises on machine interfacing with the Production Performance Manager of Bosch Software Innovations

Transparent and consolidated access to production and machine data is required in production to systematically improve machine availability.

The Production Performance Manager is a production information and evaluation system. It collects production and machine data in close to real time, merges it into a visualization and forwards defined events to directly or indirectly involved production employees. With the Ticket Manager, the Production Performance Manager delegates tasks in electronic form based on rules. For example, initiate maintenance or distribute aggregated production reports. The Production Performance Manager provides an overview of the current status of individual machines and the entire production system. Reaction times are shortened, tasks are clearly allocated and information is permanently accessible. The continuous improvement process is optimally supported by the new availability of data and direct feedback.

The advantages at a glance:

Improved application of expert knowledge - thanks to optimized data access and central data evaluation

Flexibility without IT knowledge - The experts in production can independently implement applications for machine monitoring.

Less downtime - Live analysis of data at a central location and implementation of faster service processes

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